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Ogame Wiki team is working with dedication and is using the best possible way the experience and the skills that its members have accumulate along the many years of playing this game. The guides, the tutorials and the FAQ are the glittering result of their work and the scope of this wiki is to help you understand the game and its features in order to have a better gaming experience.

OgameWiki Team is waiting for your feedback, your comments and suggestions. Your opinions and comments are very precious to us, as they can help us continuously improve the Ogame Wiki and thus provide a wealth of accurate information to Ogame players worldwide.

Here is the place where you can post your comments, Origin Board Wiki Section

You can post in your native language and the community representative – for each of the languages of Ogame will assist you.

Ogame is a trademark of Gameforge Productions GmbH. All pictures and graphical informations are property of Gameforge Productions GmbH

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