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There are several options ingame where you can change some aspects and settings of your account. You do not have to change anything to play OGame but some of them might be interesting for you. For some more detailed information on managing your account and keeping it secure see our Account management guide.

User data

User data
User data
  • Nickname
    During the registration you chose your favourite nickname. You need that name for the login as well as for the whole game. The nickname can be changed freely but any kind of insult or racism is not allowed and will result in a ban. You can change your nick once a week.
  • Password
    Many players disregard this setting but it is one of the most important you have. If another person/player knows the password or even has access to that he can do whatever he wants. Your fleet can be destroyed and your planets or even the whole account can be deleted.
    Take care that nobody knows your current password. For security reasons the password should contain at least 8 characters and small letters, capital letters and special characters. Do not use a simple password like your nickname or anything like that. Do not save your password at public computers (internet cafe, university, etc.) or write them down on a paper. Change your password if you think somebody could know it.
  • E-mail Address
    You need the email address to request a new password as well as to identify yourself as the owner of an account. Due to that you should take your own valid email address where only you have access to. Take a safe password and do not use the same password for your ingame account. If you change your email address a validation link will be sent to the new address. At the same time another notification will be sent to the old address. To prevent account thievery the owner of the old email address can be cancel this process by clicking his link within 7 days. In this case the mail address will be back to previously permanent mail.


  • Espionage Probes
    You have two possibilities to spy your enemies. Either you send your probes by using your fleet menu or you take the easy way by clicking on the right button in your galaxy. Here you can set the number of probes which should be used every time you click at the symbol in your galaxy.
  • Messages
    You have two possible settings. If you want to see full spy reports, instead of opening a new window/tab every time you should turn on that first option. Secondly you can appoint the amount of displayed messages per page.
  • IP-Check
    Due to security reasons it is not recommendable to deactivate the IP-Check. IP Check means that you will be automatically logged out for safety reasons if your IP is changed or two players login through different IPs on the same account. Be careful! In some countries you might need the authorization of the responsible GameOperator if you want to deactivate the IP-Check.
  • RSS-Feed
    With the aid of the RSS-Feature you can forward your messages automatically so you can read them even if you are not logged in your account at the moment.


  • Your planets
    In this menu you can adjust how your planets should be sorted. You can choose between coordinates, alphabet, size, used fields and the order of emergence.
  • Other
    Here you can turn off some small animations if you want.


  • Vacation Mode
    The vacation mode protects you during absences from the game. So if you want to go on vacation and protect your account until you are back, you should activate the vacation mode. As long as the vacation mode is activated you are protected from any new attacks and your account is totally safe, but ongoing attacks still goes on.
    You can only activate it when nothing is being built/researched (fleet, buildings, defence, research) and if yours fleets are not in transit. (If there is incoming fleets they will continue to your planet/moon even if you go into vacation mode). Vacation mode lasts at least 48 hours (might be different in speed universes) you cannot deactivate it any earlier. Be careful! In case there is no bought dark matter your account can be deleted after 35 days without any login even if your account is in vacation mode.
  • Your Account
    Here you are able to delete your account. After the verification it takes another 7 days until your account will be deleted permanently. If you change your mind after during this period you can unmark the box to cancel the deletion and go on playing. Before you decide to delete your account permanent and destroy the work of thousands hours you should check if one of your mates wants to take the account.
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