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ACS (Alliance Combat System) is a method used to combine different fleets from different players or even from the same player, to attack or defend a given planet/moon.
ACS (Alliance Combat System) is a method used to combine different fleets from different players or even from the same player, to attack or defend a given planet/moon.
==How to invite into an ACS-Attack?==
==How to invite into an ACS-Attack?==

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ACS (Alliance Combat System) is a method used to combine different fleets from different players or even from the same player, to attack or defend a given planet/moon.

[edit] How to invite into an ACS-Attack?

1) send the fleet on attack mission to the coordinates you want. 2) go to fleet movement and use the Fleet Union Button to Invite others or yourself to the attack. You could either chose a player from the box on your left (these players are from your Buddy List), press "Invite", then press "OK"; or you could put the name of the player that you want to invite to the ACS-Attack in the "Search User" box, press "Search", and then press OK. If you want to only ACS with yourself then just click OK without choosing any player.

Invited players get a message and have in the fleet-menu the option to join a group-attack. They can choose between all the groups they are invited to.

[edit] How to join an ACS-Attack?

After you get an invitation to the attack 1) Go to fleet and choose the fleet you want to add to the ACS-Attack 2) Press continue and then choose the Attack you want to join in the "Combat Forces" drop-down box. Press on "next" and select the ACS-Attack mission and then "Send Fleet". ACS-Attacks don't require being in the same alliance as the other attackers or having them on Friend List. Each joining fleet will modify the arriving time depending of speed but the fleet that is already flying cannot be slowed down more than 30% of the remaining time. If new fleets to be added are slower than this 30% limit, the option for a group-attack is not available NOTE: In case the player goes into vacation mode or returns to Newbie protection after an ACS is initiated, no more fleets can be added.

[edit] How to make an ACS-Defend?

1) Choose the fleet you want to defend with 2) Enter the coordinates you want to defend (choose moon or the planet), and then select the ACS-Defend Mission and the holding time you want.


First requirement in doing an ACS-Defend is to have the player to be defended in your alliance or on your Friend List (unlike ACS-Attack)

You can Hold your fleet in defense up to 32 straight hours.The longer the fleet stays in defend mode the more deuterium is needed. The deuterium is automatically loaded onto your fleet, so be sure to have enough cargo capacity to hold enough deuterium with the fleet to make the ACS-Defend.

[edit] General information about ACS

All involved parties in the ACS (defenders and attackers) get a full detailed CR unless the attacking fleet was destroyed during the first round of battle. The ships during the whole battle belong to its owners and use his techs.

The Combat system works normally as if it is solo attack:

  • Maximum of 6 rounds (after 6 rounds, the result will end as a draw) and the targets are chosen randomly.
  • The resources plunder are divided according to the total cargo capacity of the fleets and divided up accordingly (i.e. if attacker A sends 75% of the total cargo capacity, they will return with 75% of the plunder)
  • You pay only as much deuterium as you would pay for a normal attack.
  • After the battle every surviving fleet flies back to where it came from with its own speed.
  • When you recall the fleet, all deuterium required for launch and holding is gone.

A maximum of 5 players can ACS together in attack and a maximum of 5 players can defend a certain planet/moon; they can ACS in maximum of 16 different slots. Group attacks count for every attacker as one normal attack in the sense of the bashing-rule.

The Group of fleets flies at the speed of the slowest ship in the ACS; and if a slower ship joins, the whole group is slowed down. When a fleet leaves the group, the remaining fleets continue to fly without a change to speed, even when the ACS starter leaves. (Caution: if the fleet that started the ACS was recalled, no more ships can be added ) When in an ACS-Defend mission against an incoming attack, the planet/moon owner is the only one that can see the attack on his overview. If you are attacking and defending the same planet/moon, you will be fighting against yourself (e.g in a Moonshot attempt). If you are ACS-Defending moon which is meanwhile destroyed by moon destruction mission, the defending fleet will ACS defend the planet.

Bashing: Each ACS attack is counted a a single attack, so you can still attack him 5 times after the main ACS hit, and each one of your friends can attack 5 more times.

[edit] What else can ACS be used for?

  • Slowing down fleets and Safety Probing (you slow down the main attack enough to sneak in probes on espionage mission.
  • Hiding the attacking fleets flying times with the ACS function so they cannot be easily be hit on return.

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