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This guide will aim to cover all the technical aspects a user might encounter during their time playing OGame.

Account life

Once you create an account, you have to validate it by following the link you received at the e-mail address that you used to register the account. If account is not validated, you will not be able to access some of the menus.

Account will be deleted:

  • In 2 days if nothing is built and no purchased Dark Matter.
  • In 5 days if you don't have at least 1 point (deleted in the 6th day at 3am server time).
  • In 36 days if you didn't log in regardless of points and vacation mode. Only bought Dark Matter can prevent it.
  • In 35 days if you didn't log in after your Commander expired.

Only purchased Dark Matter will prevent account deletion. Dark Matter found in expeditions or OGame birthday events will not prevent account deletion.

Note: Bought Dark Matter is being spent prior to the one obtained by any other means.

The welcome package

After you make the account, in some universes where this feature is activated, during the first week of playing the game you will receive some rewards.

The reward is sent out via in-game message, and is delivered when you login into your account. You have to manually accept the reward and is then added to your account. Those messages will stay 7 days. You can also access the rewards in the menu.

Day 1: 15K metal 10k crystal

Day 2: Item - Kraken Bronze

Day 3: Trader - Metal*

Day 4: 15 Rocket launcher or 8 Light Fighters

Day 5: Item - Newtron Bronze

Day 6: Item - Detroid Bronze

Day 7: 3 days „Commanding Staff“ (extends all running officers)

Day one means minimal 24h of playing. The Script runs around 3:00.

* The Metal Trader overwrite existing Traders and can give a worse exchange rate than you currently have. It acts like the new exchange rate button.

Useful links

For Board and Game rules, team information and game support please visit your game board.

For IRC go to

Activating an account

In the bottom left of your ingame screen you'll see a triangular symbol, click it and a pop out screen will open with a big green "Next" button. Click the next button, the button should then disappear and be replaced with text saying: "E-Mail has been send successfully!". Then check your inbox and junk folder and click the activation link. If you didn't receive an email, it means the link was blocked by your spam protection, in such cases ensure and is added to your safe senders list and try again. If this doesn't change anything then try with a different email provider (Googlemail is recommended) - hotmail and yahoo are notorious for blocking these emails In case you have an email account originally written with caps (EXAMPLE@YAHOO.COM), you need to request activation link written exactly like it is (with caps lock on), even though that doesn't matter when sending/receiving other emails.

Account Safety & Security

Ensure you use a secure password.

  • Password Strength – Avoid using dictionary words, proper nouns or personal information such as your pet’s name. The most secure passwords are those that contain a random mixture of letters (A-Z), Numbers (1-9) and symbols, such as !"£$%^&*@#~]{
  • Password Originality – Don’t use something that a hacker would be able to guess. Eg. If your username is “Darth Vader” then don’t use “starwars” as a password. Also avoid common strings like 123456 or qwerty
  • Multiple Passwords - Try to avoid using the same password for several sites, if security is compromised at one of those sites, then your accounts will also be endangered
  • Update Your Password - Everynow and then update your password to something new, it's annoying to have to remember a new password but it's much more preferable to having hack your account
  • Always use an official Gameforge website to login.
  • Logging in using anything other than an official Gameforge login is a big security risk as other people can gain access to your login data.
  • Doing so will invalidate your T&Cs so you might not receive assistance in retrieving your account
  • When the normal login portal isn't accessable use MMOgame instead of 3rd Party "emergency" login portals
  • Avoid sharing your login details with others.
  • If you have somebody sit your account then if possible change the password before hand or at the least change it when the sitting period is over
  • When trading accounts always ensure you change the passwordbefore giving away the account, especially if you use the same password for accounts in other universes

If you use a public computer, take these extra steps: Always sign out of your account and clear forms, passwords, cache, and cookies in your browser on a regular basis.

Never use your OGame Account password on another website. If you enter your password in an external website and it's compromised, someone could try to sign in to your OGame Account with the same information.

Check for viruses and malware. Run a scan on your computer with a trusted anti-virus software. If the scan detects any suspicious programs or applications, remove them immediately.

Always seek the help and advice of a GO when trading accounts.

  • Check GameStats to make sure that what they're offering you actually exists
  • Contact your GO to make sure the person you're trading with actually owns the account they're offering you
  • Make sure both parties open a ticket to notify the Game Team of the account trade
  • As soon as you login to the account change the email address as this is your main proof of ownership

Ban Issues

The Game Team reserves the right to deny access to an account if any of the rules have been violated. This can either be on a temporary or permanent basis depending on the severity of the case.

All ingame bans for a particular universe can be seen by other users only through galaxy view. When you try to login to a banned account you'll see the reason and how long the ban is, together with a link to the support.

If you feel that the ban wasn't justified then it's possible to dispute the ban by talking to the GO who banned you. Members of the Game Team can be contacted by either the ticket system or via IRC Chat. Please remember to use your email address for verification.

If the GO doesn't reply to you after 48 hours, the ticket will be automatically sent to the SGO. If the answer of the GO is not satisfactory and at any stage you're unhappy with the treatment or decision you can use the "complain " function to escalate your issue to the next level (SGO, GA).

The Game Hierarchy is as follows: Game Operator (GO) -> Super Game Operator (SGO) -> Game Administrator (GA) -> Community Manager (COMA). As ban discussions are not allowed on board, please contact a GO who banned you for further info about the ban. You can contact him via ticket or on IRC.

Reporting messages

If you receive an ingame message which is insulting with the use of offensive words, is real life threatening or has inappropriate content, you can report it with the use of a "report" button which can be found after opening said message. Use of "report" button allows players to report insulting language and possibly ban the sending user by alerting a Game Team. With OGame v6 you can also report alliance applications.

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