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[edit] Galaxytool

[edit] Info

Galaxytool allows players or alliances to create and manage a map of their universe and store reports/statistics/notes on various aspects of the game. With this tool you can get information which ogame does not give you directly by actively updating your galaxytool

[edit] Beschreibung

It is possible to store:

  • Galaxyviews
  • Player and Alliance statistics
  • Espionage reports
  • own planet data (also Empire View)
  • Phalanx reports and own Fleet movements
  • Player activities from: Espionage actions, Ingame Messages, Combat Reports, Alliance Page, Galaxyviews and manual insertions
  • Combat Reports (CR overviews)
  • Ingame Messages

You can search all those information, e.g.:

  • Search for alliance members by searching an alliance tag
  • Search for all planets of a given playername
  • Limit searches by:
    • Moons Only
    • User Notes Only
    • Planets with stored espionage reports
    • Blank Planet Locations for Colonization (Limit by galaxy as well as planet slots)
    • Date of last update (newer as well as older)
    • Resource amount in stored espionage reports
    • Stored large debris fields
    • Statistics (points/research/fleet)
    • Inactives


  • Mark alliances/players as enemies/friends/ally/wing
  • Sort the data into useful information by choosing how it is displayed
  • Easy to keep up to date with the available Firefox plugin.
  • View information in graph form to easily process point distribution.
  • Integration of Speedsim/Dragosim
  • and much more!

These information can also be found in our wiki:

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