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  • In such unis a big defense is like a free BBQ for all players with a strong fleet, as defense can't run away from an attack. To find out more information about your universe's features see Universes and Player
  • If you use the premium-feature "engineer" the chance is 85% (see Premium features).
  • They have to fly numerous attacks against your planet before everything is gone. Another way to destroy defense is via using Interplanetary Missiles.
  • They destroy the defense without rebuilding, so when using them you can wipe out the defense completely. See Interplanetary Missiles for more.

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  • Anti-Ballistic Missile
    • Anti-Ballistic Missiles are a special type of defensive unit. They're not designed to fight enemy ships, but instead to shoot down incoming Interplanetary Missiles at a rate of 1 to 1.

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