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Delaying of arrival time (real safety probing)

A regular safety probe is sent a few seconds before your hit impacts, you do this to check the esp. report of the planet/moon you are attacking to see that nothing has changed, i.e., no big enemy fleet is waiting for your arrival to totally destroy you! However, you need a few seconds to read the spy report and to recall your fleet in case of an emergency like the one mentioned before => typically you sent this safety probe to arrive 30-15 secs before impact. Try to make this delay at least one minute but more preferably 5 minutes or perhaps more! Never become predictable with your timing, slow by different amounts each time.

Managing time in phalanx hits

You can use fleet slowing by sending additional ships in ACS to your main attack in case you see in phalanx that the targeted fleet arrives after your attacking fleet. If you recall you won't have time anymore to send the same fleet to arrive in time and loose precious fuel. You don't need to recall, just adapt the arrival time using ACS, exactly the same idea as the delay safety probe in other words! This of course gives no solution when your timing is too late instead of too early.

Avoiding debris thieves

Debris thieves need at least 1hour (in 1x speed universe) to get to the debris even if he is in system. You can delay the attacking moon chance fleet with 5-15 minutes or so and his recyclers will certainly arrive too early, giving your friend plenty of opportunity to gather the debris without having to worry about debris thieves.

ACS ninja

Ninja means surprising a player that is attacking your planet with a larger defending fleet. You can do this by letting arrive a fleet of your own or a friend’s fleet that is able to take out his fleet just before impact. If your timing is good, he won't have time to spot this change and let the hit go, but he will get an unexpected result, i.e. he will get owned instead of getting raiding profit.

Moon to friends moon fleetsave

Choose a ACS defend mission from your own moon towards your friend's moon and set holding time to zero hours, the fleet will just fly to the moon and back, this has the advantage that you can carry resources and that moon to moon fleetsave is not phalanxable, they can't even make use of debris watching to time your fleetsave. The disadvantage remains that once returning, the fleet can't be recalled and that you have to trust the owner of the other moon. Best fleetsave remains deployment from own moon to own moon.

ACS as backup for your return trip

Especially later ingame when you launch big parts of your fleet at a big target, you might risk to have someone try to time your return, and thus instead of you crashing your target and enjoying the profits, you might end up with a crashed target perhaps, but also with yourself being crashed. There are a few simple guidelines to avoid such events to happen.

  • split up your fleet using acs and make sure you launch them with different flight times. The fleets will jointly arrive at the target on the Estimated Time (of) Arrival of your slowest ACS fleet, BUT they will return in parts based upon the flight times of the individual fleet parts. This way it is more difficult to crash whole of your fleet, and it is more difficult to time, certainly when you launch from a moon.
  • Make sure you get an ally or friend waiting for your return. That way when you see someone trying to catch you on your return, you can inform your friend to ACS defend you.

Alliance Depot

An Alliance Depot can re-fuel a friendly fleet, allowing them to remain at your planet longer than initially planned. This building is only available in universes where Alliance Combat System is enabled The amount of deuterium is 20,000 deuterium for each Alliance Depot Level.

Normally the maximum time a fleet can hold is 32 hours. Every time you launch a support-rocket, the fleet is able to use the deuterium to remain in orbit longer. Because larger depots are able to launch more deuterium in the support rockets, they are able to sustain larger fleets.

Building and using Alliance depot is not so much useful, because even without alliance depot you fleet can stay up to 32 hours at planet or moon of your friend which is not advisable to do because there is always a bigger fleet in the universe able to take yours down.

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