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Wreck field

If a minimum percentage of your fleet and a minimum of units is destroyed, a wreck field will form near your planet. The life of the wreck field is 72 hours. The repair time of a WF is max 12h. The repair must be triggered manually. If another battle takes place at the same coordinates, the new wrecks will be added to the existing WF. The timer will increase up to 72h depending on the newly added Ships. When you activate the vacation mode, all currently running timers that have to do something with the WF will be paused.

  • The WF is marked with an extra WF icon displayed next to your planet .
  • A mouse*over on the WF icon shows a list of the ships in the wreck field.
  • Clicking on the WF icon leads to the space dock of the planet (facilities screen, you need at least space dock level 1 for repairs).
  • The amount of ships gone into a WF will be displayed in the CR
  • The player can burn a wreck field in the space dock, if he does not need it.
  • After a confirmation if you really want to let your WF burn up, it will just disappear. This is only possible while no repairs are underway.


  • There can be only one WF repair per planet, repairs can not be canceled.
  • In the space dock there is a button with which you can start to repair the WF.
  • You have the information about the ships currently under repair and those added later to the WF. You must press the button to bring the repaired ships back into service after the completion of the current repair.
  • The repair runs at the current production rate of the planet but not longer than 12h.
  • In the first 30 minutes you can’t restore any ship.
  • Different types of ships can be repaired in parallel.
  • The minimum level of shipyard (to build a ship) does not matter in repairs. So even on a planet with shipyard level 0 , you can repair Death Stars (corresponding slow) if you have a Space dock .
  • The player can bring all repaired ships back to service via a button in the space dock.
  • The player has to take the ships manually out of the repair. If he does not do this, they will be automatically set back into service 72h after the repair finished.
  • Ships in repair will be displayed in the espionage report.

Space Dock

  • New building having two main functions: start repairing a wreck field, bring back to service the repaired ships
  • Can be built only on planet and is not requiring a field.
  • Without a Space Dock on the planet no WF can be repaired.
  • The levels of Space dock can increase the amount of ships which arrive in the WF and which can be repaired .

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