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Trading Laws

Firstly, you must make sure you trade within the legal trade rates so you aren't banned for pushing. In all universes the legal trade rates are between 3:2:1 and 2:1:1.

What does this means:

  • 3:2:1 Where each unit of deuterium is worth 2 units of crystal or 3 units of metal.
  • 2:1:1 Where each unit of deuterium is worth 1 unit of crystal or 2 units of metal.

Keep in mind that when forming trade rates if you change rates for metal the same change must be done in crystal rate.

Note that if you are ranked lower, you are allowed to sell your resources for a higher price. That is called pulling and is legal, however, due to a high price, no one will be willing to buy your resources that expensive. Check the trade section of your universe to see what are the regular prices at that time to know what is the best price you can set.

Important: Always read pushing rule on your board.

Trade scams

You're in risk to be scammed when you're a higher ranked player in trade. As you can send the lower ranked player anything without anything in return legally and Game staff can't help you with that. When trading resources make sure that the lower ranked players' resources arrive to the higher ranked player first. This way the higher ranked player is forced to send something tangible in return or both higher and lower ranked accounts will be banned for pushing. Unless you (as a higher ranked player) inform your GO via ticket system and follow instructions on what to do with resources.

Trading Basics

The strategy of trading is that people make two or more transactions to end up increasing the number of resource units they began with. The basic and most logical rule is "sell expensive and buy cheap".

A basic trade will look like this:

  • Deuterium > Crystal in 3:2:1
  • Crystal > Deuterium in 2:1:1

This trade, at the best trade rates possible will double your Deuterium at the start. (100% Profit).

Good and/or bad ratios

  • Sell metal, buy crystal: Good ratio 3:2:1 (1kk metal would get you 667k crystal). Bad ratio 2:1:1 (1kk metal would only get you 500k crystal)
  • Sell metal, buy deuterium: Good ratio 2:1:1 (1kk metal would get you 500k deuterium). Bad ratio 3:2:1 (1kk metal would only get you 333k deuterium)
  • Sell crystal, buy metal: Good ratio 2:1:1 (1kk crystal would get you 2kk metal). Bad ratio 3:2:1 (1kk crystal wold only get you 1,5kk metal)
  • Sell crystal, buy deuterium: Good ratio 2:1:1 (1kk crystal would get you 1kk deuterium). Bad ratio 3:2:1 (1kk crystal would only get you 500k deuterium)
  • Sell deuterium, buy metal: Good ratio 3:2:1 (1kk deuterium would get you 3kk metal). Bad ratio 2:1:1 (1kk deuterium would only get you 2kk metal)
  • Sell deuterium, buy crystal: Good ratio 3:2:1 (1kk deuterium would get you 2kk crystal). Bad ratio 2:1:1(1kk deuterium will only get you 1kk crystal)

Trades are usually a bit above ratio 2:1:1. Normally the rates are higher in new unis as it's more active and more players are trying to profit out of the trades, You need to be careful not to trade for a too high ratio though. You may also not trade for a ratio ie 3:1:1 as metal would be too expensive compared to crystal. You always need to calculate if a trade rate is good before you agree to trade.

Increasing Your Profit

As you need to increase your profit, you need to make more trades for the same resources, the more trades you make for the best possible ratios, the most profit you can gain.

  • Deuterium > Crystal in 3:2:1 2 Crystal
  • Crystal > Deuterium in 2:1:1 2 Deut
  • Deuterium > Crystal in 3:2:1 4 Crystal
  • Crystal > Deuterium in 2:1:1 4 Deut
  • Deuterium > Crystal in 3:2:1 8 Crystal
  • Crystal > Deuterium in 2:1:1 8 Deut

If you start with 1kk deuterium, you end up with 8kk deuterium.

Note: Trading all resources with only one person all the time is not allowed as it's pushing. You may sell your deuterium to one person all the time but buy deuterium from a different person all the time though.

Note: Never cheat on a trade agreement. Do it once and your reputation is burned, that means no more trading.


Merchant will buy your resources based on a ratio 3:2:1, which is normally higher than you could get from players. This method can be used when gaining profit via trades, but it includes having a lot of regular deuterium sellers. You can't make a profit just with a merchant - players have to be involved. Also, note that "merchant abusers" (players who use merchant to gain profit) are not appreciated by the majority of players.

Note: If you are using merchant it is always wise to wait for merchant event, where price for calling a merchant is 2k DM instead of 3,5k or Cash back event where you get some DM back.

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