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Ogame has several universe types allowing players to select the universe with the settings that they like most and fits their playing style.

Some universes are old with strong players having a lot of defense and huge fleet and a lot of inactive accounts that can be farmed allowing a steady resource income for diligent farmers. It is very hard to reach the top when you start in such a universe but it is good if you are learning the game because you can find experienced players willing to help you with advice and resources.

New universes are more active and you have a good chance to get in the top ranks especially if you already know the game and you have a friendly supportive alliance to enjoy the aggressive gaming

Universe features

Universe features that can be customized:
- Universe duration
- ACS (on or off) + Alliance Depot (on or off)
- Fleet speed
- Economy speed (resource production, building, research)
- Field bonus +25 (on or off)
- Galaxies number
- Solar system number
- % of Ship to Debris Field
- Defense to Debris Field (on or off)
- % of Defense to Debris Field
- Galaxy distance
- System distance
- Circular system (on or off)
- Circular galaxy (on or off)
- Wreckfields (on or off) + min. amount of resources lost, life time of WF, max. repair time, min. repair time, which ships are not allowed.
- Newbieprotection (on or off)
- Newbie protection limit (50k or 500K)
- DM for new accounts + validation (on or off)
- Espionage probe cargo capacity

Universe types

Ogame has several universe types:

1. Standard universe (normal universe) is 1x Fleet speed, 1x economy speed, ACS , 30% Debris Field from Ships

2. Limited duration universe is universe that is going to be closed at a given date. Such universes are opened for different events or competitions or for testing new features

3. Special universes can have one or more of the universe features changed:

  • Speed universe: speed can be from 2x up to 5x for Fleet or for Economy or for both of them
  • Non ACS universe: Alliance Combat System is disabled
  • Ships to Debris Field universes: more than 30% Debris Field from Ships (Ships destroyed in space battles are resulting in 60%, 70% of resources used to build them minus the Deuterium)
  • Defense to Debris Field universes: besides ships, destroyed Defense goes to Debris Field as well. This setting is not compatible with universes having a higher debris factor from ships and the engineer is affecting the outcome of a battle
  • Circular universes (introduced in version 5.8.5): distance between galaxy 9 and galaxy 1 would be the same as between galaxy 1 and galaxy 2. The same goes for solar systems: the distance between 1 and 499 would be the same as between 1 and 2. The distance between 100 and 400 would be only 199 solar systems of distance (you would fly from 400 to ... 498, 499, 1, 2 ... up to 100).
  • A special universe can have enabled the cargo space for espionage probes. In this case the bashig rule applies to spy probes attacks too.

In special universes these features can appear alone or in combination allowing players to enjoy a wide diversity of settings and assume the most suitable play style.

Premium features

The use of Premium features (Dark Matter or DM) may give you an advantage in the first days in a new universe. More information how to use the Premium features is given in the tutorial: Premium features.

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