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Nowadays, Ogame gives the option to a player of moving planets from its original position to another one. If the planet has a moon, it moves with it.

How to relocate

There are several possibilities about moving a planet: - A planet in positions 1 - 3 and 13 - 15 can be moved to any position in the galaxy from 1 to 15 - A planet in positions 4 - 12 can only be moved in positions from 4 to 12 This operation costs 240.000 Dark Matter per planet. That is paid only if the planet is moved correctly. Note that you have to relocate from planet. To move a planet it is necessary to go to Galaxy option in the panel of the left, enter the desired coordinates where you want to move your planet and then choose a free position in the solar system you want. You have to click in the second button that appears in Name column. The first one is about new colonies that would be explained in <<Colonising>>.

After that, you are going to see a confirmation about the relocating operation. You have to accept to start the final countdown of 24 hours.


  • If this button is in grey colour it means that the position is kept by another player. If you try to send to that position a colony ship you would receive the message: "Fleets can not be sent to this target. This planet has been reserved for a relocation". During this 24 hours you can use the planet without any drawback, but once is finished you should have your planet inactive to move.

Inactive is without hangar queue, investigations, buildings or any fleet movement. If there is something of these things, relocation is automatically cancelled. The player don't lose Dark Matter but this planet stay 24 hours without being able to relocate it again. If you go to overview, after Honour points you will see the countdown of relocating.

  • If time is in green colour means that your planet at that moment would be moved.
  • If this time is in red colour means that there is something of things explained above active, and if it doesn't finish before the end of this countdown relocate is going to be cancelled.

The time of relocating is also shown at the new coordinates in the position you chose.


If the planet is well relocated, it moves with all resources you had in the previous coordinates, but all fleets (except solar satellites) you had in the planet (and also in the moon) are moved to the new coordinates at 100% speed of the slower ship you have in a deployment mission. This deployment cannot be seen with Sensor Phalanx. You can also see that in you previous coordinates planet and moon (if you had) appears like destroyed. Moon would appear with 0 km. If you spy it you are not going to find anything. If moon has jump gate, it is unavailable during the next 24 hours.

Vacation Mode (VM)

In VM, a relocation can continue its countdown. But if you pay attention to overview you are going to see that time in red colour, so it is going to be cancelled if you don't remove it before. You cannot start a relocation with VM activated.

Facts about relocation

Both planet and moon will be moved. Ships from your last planet will travel to the new location without any deuterium costs. Relocation starts 24 hours timer and at the end of the timer the planet will be moved to new location. Planet and moon will only be moved if there is no active building or research in progress and no new colony on the selected position. If the timer is green, the planet will be moved, if the planet will fail relocation, the timer will turn red. If all fleet movement, building, and/or research are completed before the timer finishes, the timer will return to green and the move will go through. Also if the planet is part of the intergalatic research network but the research is started on another planet, it will not interfere with the move.

Multiple planets may be moved simultaneously. Jump gate on the moon deactivates for 24h after the move and incoming attacking/supporting fleet won´t block the movement, fleets will return after reaching empty position.

Temperature and planet picture will be changed, planet size stays the same.

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