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Attacking a player with ships is not always the only possibility, you have also the missiles. There are two types of missiles: Interplanetary Missiles (IPM) and Anti-Ballistic Missiles(ABM). The IPMs can be launched to destroy enemy defense and ABMs can intercept attacking IPMs.

Interplanetary missiles

Interplanetary missiles are a powerful weapon against planets with a lot of defensive structures, the so called bunker. By all means they are a strategic facility to make small targets more lucrative, for example by eliminating several plasma turrets. They will be sent from your planet and will destroy a certain number of adverse defensive structures of your choice– but they also can be destroyed by self deploying anti-ballistic missiles. (When IPM's are detected your ABM's will auto deploy) Interplanetary missiles are launched from the Galaxy Screen and are designed to destroy enemy defense.The defenses which were destroyed by interplanetary missiles will not be rebuild, that represents the force of those missiles, besides the penetrating power. In an IPM attack, only the missile's Weapon Technology and the defense are used for calculation, as IPMs penetrate shields, including Small and Large Shield Domes. Before an IPM can hit the defense itself, all Anti-ballistic Missiles must be destroyed. Each ABM destroys one IPM.

How do i get those missiles?

To build interplanetary missiles you must have a missile silo level 4 on a planet (total cost: 300.000 metal, 300.000 crystal and 15.000 deuterium) and Impulse drive on level 1 (total cost: 2.000 metal, 4.000 crystal, 600 deuterium) after that you can commission interplanetary missiles, from the defense menu. A missile costs 12.500 metal, 2.500 crystal and 10.000 deuterium, per each level of the missile silo a maximum of five interplanetary missiles can be stored at the same time. So a silo on level five enables you to construct a maximum 25 interplanetary missiles. As long as there are missiles in the silo it is not possible to tear down a silo, however the upgrading is possible. To destroy missiles (ABM's or IPM's) without launching on a target, just click on the loading capacity in the missile silo and tear the missiles down there or you can sell them to the scrap dealer (see merchant menu).

To build anti-ballistic missiles you only need missile silo on level 2 (total cost: 60.000 metal, 60.000 crystal, 3.000 deuterium), so the anti-ballistic missiles are easier to reach over the interplanetary missiles. Moreover a defense missile just takes half as much space; hence up to 50 anti-ballistic missiles can be stored in a silo on level 5. A defense missile costs 8.000 metal and 2.000 deuterium. Mind you, ABM's and IPM's share the same silo after missile silo level 4. Although you cannot build a missile silo on a moon, the anti-ballistic missiles of the planet also defend the defensive structure on a possibly existent moon!

How to attack with Interplanetary missiles?

To attack a player's planet or moon with interplanetary missiles you first have to switch to the galaxy view. If the target is within reach you will be able to attack the planet with interplanetary missiles by clicking on the missile icon symbol in the appropriate line. If the target is a moon, you will have to hold the mouse over the moon and click the appropriate link. After that a new menu will be opened in which you will have to enter the amount of mobilized missiles and the primary target, before affirming the attack. The primary target indicates the type of defensive structures, which shall be attacked - so you can set your interplanetary missiles selectively at rocket launchers, plasma turrets or any other type of defense, which you want to destroy. If the primary target is destroyed or nothing was chosen, the defensive structures will be destroyed in random order (system will chose new random target). If all defensive structures are eliminated then the interplanetary missiles will be destroyed also. The force of the attack depends of the weapon technology of the attacker and the armor technology of the defender.

Formula for calculating missile range: Reach (in systems) = (level of impulse drive * 5) – 1

Formula for calculating missile range
Reach (in systems) = (level of impulse drive * 5) – 1
When sent, the interplanetary missiles cannot be recalled.

So you should not make any mistakes with the entry, and you should be sure that you want to go through with this attack. As most of the players retaliate towards interplanetary missile attacks with counter attacks, you should not battle with too strong players, however the number makes the win: alliances with many small ranked players can use IPM coordinated attacks against much stronger players. After the impact you will receive a report with remaining defensive structure of the planet from the enemy. The defender also gets a short report with the name of the attacker and the amount of deployed missiles and the destroyed defensive units.

Anti-ballistic missiles are always ready. As soon as an enemy attacks a player's planet or moon with interplanetary missiles, each anti-ballistic missile will destroy one of the hostile missiles and will be destroyed itself in doing so. With a sufficient amount of anti-ballistic missiles, the damage on the defensive structure from a player, in case of an interplanetary missile attack, can be abated or avoided entirely.

Useful tips

If you can see the interplanetary missile symbol next to a player in the galaxy view, you will be able to attack him with Interplanetary missiles. Make sure to check your espionage report to see if the enemy does not have too many anti-ballistic missiles, which can intercept the interplanetary missiles that you send, making your attack inefficient. If you want to attack a bigger bunker, you will have to build interplanetary missiles on several planets and fire them off at the same time, or to band together with several players, because also the defender can build anti-ballistic missiles and thus slowing the damage down. However interplanetary missiles are significantly faster than battle ships.

Formula for calculating time of flight
Time of flight (in seconds) = 30 + (30 * distance in systems)

You can calculate the number of missiles, which you will need to destroy the defense of your enemy, with a Combat simulator, like: OSimulate , RakSim or SpeedSim

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