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What is IRC?

IRC is a chat protocol and the abbreviation for Internet Relay Chat.

Originally from Webopedia
a chat system developed by Jarkko Oikarinen in Finland in the late 1980s.
IRC has become very popular as more people get connected to the Internet
because it enables people connected anywhere on the Internet to join in live discussions.
Unlike older chat systems, IRC is not limited to just two participants. 

All you need is a Client to connect to the IRC network you wish to chat on.

Where can I get an IRC client?

The most famous client for Windows is mIRC.

Other Windows clients are:

Clients for Linux:

Clients for Mac:

Web Based Clients:

For some guides on installing the clients see:

What IRC network does Ogame use?

We use OnlineGamesNet. Host:

check out for further details on our servers and which ports you can use.

To connect to the OGN IRC type:


Or to connect straight to your authserv account:

/server authname:authpassword

Are there any rules I need to be aware of?

Yes, the Official Network Rules can be found here:

What is a channel?

A Channel is like a chatroom, it's where people communicate on IRC. On the OnlineGamesNet network there's around 7700 channels in use. By typing in your IRC window


you can see all the pubicly visible channels.

To join a channel simply type:

/join #channelname

eg. /join #help

What are the channels?

The channel names are direct links to join the channel (mIRC or another IRC client must be installed).

A list of official OnlineGamesNet channels can be found here:

What is Authserv, and how can I get an account?

AuthServ is used to connect your channel access with an AuthServ-account. After you auth AuthServ will recognize you and grant you the channel access you need in your channel (e.g to administrate your ChanServ). Please note, that AuthServ is similar to NickServ but is not NickServ itself. So you can't protect or recover your nick via a forced kill if you register it with AuthServ. Anyways, you can use whatever nick you want while being logged in and still get the privileges matching your access inside a channel.

To register an account go here: Online Account registration After submitting this form you will be sent an email with your login information.

Once registered you can login to your account by using the folllowing command in IRC:

/authserv auth <account> <password>

If you try to login with a different IP address to what you last used then you'll need to request a new authcookie (this is for security purposes). This can be achieved by typing the following command:

/authserv authcookie <account>

this will send you an email containing a new authcookie, to activate this cookie type:

/authserv cookie <account> <cookie>

For more Help with authserv go to:

How do I register a channel?

/join #channelname
If there's someone in the channel called ChanServ then it's already been registered to somebody else, so pick a different name.
  • Finally, join #help
/join #help
Once in the #help channel type:
/support channel registration
When a supporter is available you'll be invited into the support channel and asked for some information about the channel purpose. If it's an alliance channel (as it is in most cases), then you should have the okay by the alliance founder (or be the alliance founder) to register the channel.

What channel and usermodes are there?

On OnlineGamesNet the following are supported:

  • Channel Modes:
n, t, p, s, m, M, l, k, i, C, c, D, d, o, v, b, Z
  • Usermodes:
i, d, x

An explanation of what each mode does and how to set them can be found here:

Can I hide my real hostmask/IP?

Yes, that's supported by OnlineGamesNet. After you authed (you can't use it without being authed though) type the following:

/mode <nick> +x

eg. /nick Kebab +x
To get this automatically upon logging into your auth account:

/authserv set autohide 1

Is there a help for all available commands in IRC?

for mIRC specific commands type:


for OGN services:

  • Authserv:
/as help
  • Chanserv:
/cs help
  • Gameserv:
/gs help

For some basic IRC commands see here:

For help with managing your channel using chanserv have a look here:

I can't join a channel, it says I need an authserv account?

This means that the channel has mode +r set and thus only allows users that have registered to an authserv account to join. Its for security reasons mainly, in fact to prevent botnets from joining the channel.

You will need to create and login to an auth account in order to join the channel. See authserv account

Is there a way to connect to the IRC network without having to install a program?

Yes, there are two options:

  • Java Chat applet
OnlineGamesNet Official IRC Applet
  • Mibbit Webchat
Mibbit Online Chat
select OnlineGamesNet [webirc] from the drop down, type into the channel box and click go.

It says I'm G-Lined, what now?

A G-line is a temporary ban for the whole network; you will not be able to connect to the OnlineGamesNet at all for the duration of this ban. You can see if there's any G-lines on your IP address and for what reason using the G-line check here: DO NOT evade a G-line to talk with an IRCop in the IRC. This is called G-line evading and is strictly prohibited and will be punished harder than a G-line. If you feel the G-line isn't correct then use the contact IRCop field to enquire about the ban.

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