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You want to see this wiki in your language? You can translate the guides here Origin Loca and we'll upload them. Please contact the Origin Team if you wish to help with OGame wiki

Here comes a nice short introduction to OGame and OGame Wiki.

I'm looking for information

  • You are beginner and want to read about basic knowledge?
You can start here Link to First Steps or choose a chapter in the left sidebar
  • You want to learn more about OGame?
Choose "Advanced tutorials" in the sidebar
  • You are looking for information about details? (eg. a ship)
Use Search or in the sidebar "OGame Wiki".
  • You are looking for overviews and other information?
See "further information".
  • You want answers from other player or team member?
Link to FAQ / Support

I have problems

  • You have trouble with the game? (eg. can't login)
Link to Bugs & Workarounds, Troubleshooting
  • You want personal help?
Link to Bugs & Errors and Support
  • You have a complaint?
Link to complaints

The OGame Wiki

  • You want to change the language of OGame Wiki?
Use the DropDown box at the top and choose your community. The flagged language selection in every site changes only the current site.
  • You need help about the Wiki?
Link to wiki help
  • You want to help us?
Link to Origin
  • The complete OGame Wiki Team
The complete Wiki Team

The OGame Wiki Team

Flags en.png Leadership: WeTeHa -- benneb - Danimanza - Valent - Shole --
Wiki Team: Icegirl -- - Rdet - rummsi - Lord_ -- Vayus
FAQ Team: --
Loca Team:
FanArt Team:
Bugs Team: Illidan - TheViking -- benneb - Danimanza - Shole - Icegirl - Leuchtturm - Valent - vulca - wolf2305de
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