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Noob term is almost all the time considered an insult but is not true. A noob in OGame is a player that just started to play the game and is not familiar with game features and tactics. We all have been noobs, and in some aspects, we still are, but that is another story.

Since version 3.0. a new protection system for the weaker player has been implemented. You can find more details about it Version 3.0.

What is noob protection

Noob protection is a systems that ensures that starting players are not attacked before they get to have a reasonable good grasp of game mechanics and tactics.

In older universes (created before 2011) the noob protection is split in two stages: - 0 to 10.000 points: general protection with a 1:5 ratio for fleet escape - 10.000 to 50.000 points: general protection with a fleet escape 1:10 ratio for fleet escape

For newer universes: - 0 to 50.000 points: general protection with a 1:5 ratio - 50.000 to 500.000 points: general protection with a 1:10 ratio

Fleet escape is an important aspect of newbie protection, is also known as tactical retreat. This system is in place to prevent a new player to lose his fleet when under attack with a much stronger fleet. This protection prevents strong players to attack smaller players and is in conjunction with the honorable combat system.

Honor points system

Players are marked in galaxy view as honorable, newbie protection, stronger player, neutral target, lord, bandit, or outlaw depending of several factors.

Attacking honorable targets will get you honor points while attacking much weaker players will give you negative honor points. Buddies, alliance mates and inactives are neutral targets. When attacking in ACS the military points of the participants will be summed up and compared with the defender (or defenders) thus changing the honorable status of combat.

From 0 to 50k points, you have a 1:5 protection and then a 1:10 ratio from 50k to 500k points. That means you can attack anyone below 1/5 of your points and you can attack anyone above you up to 5 times your points. You can also attack those with much more points (i.e those marked (s)) but to do so will result in losing your own newbie protection for 7 days, and so give you the outlaw status - marked by (o). Outside of the newbie protection you can attack anyone you want, some battles will be honourable and some will not.

Example (1:5 ratio): If you have 4.000 points, you can attack players with 800 (4.000/5) to 20k (4.000 * 5) points.

Example (1:10 ratio): You're No. 1 in total and military - highscore and have 4 million points. With this system you can now attack all players with at least 400k points, all the players till rank 100 of our military ranking and all inactive players. Moreover, even players who have lost their protection and marked as Outlaws.

Military - Highsore

The military highscore is an important part of the newbie protection, which now considers used resources for combat ships and defensive structures (including anti-ballistic and interplanetary missiles), and percentage of the costs of civil ships, phalanxes and jump gates.

Following sections are given:

  • built resource points
  • destroyed resource points
  • lost resource points

Protection of ships and resources

With the implementation of the new newbie protection you get the chance to secure your resources and ships to a certain extent against attacks of powerful opponents. This includes the possible automatic escape of your fleet.

Resource protection

A small quantity of your resource is protected in your storage. The resources are automatically protected, those resources will not be visible in an espionage report and can't be looted. Each level of storage will protect 1 % of the daily production of that planet (meaning that the amount of protected resources won't be only bounded to the level of the storage but also to the basic production, it will increase only up to level 10 of storage). Storages of inactive players will not protect resources.

Fleet escape

If you are attacked by a superior opponent, the fleet can escape from the attack. In summary this means:

  • From a ratio of 5:1 of fleets in combats on the fleet is able to escape
    • In honorable combats a fleet can not escape.
    • Outside the limits of the newbie protection a fleet can not escape.
  • ACS attacks and deployed fleets are considered figured up.
  • Defense is not taken into account, civil ships only with 25% (rounded down).
  • The escape takes place automatically at the time of combat and consumes 1.5 times as much deuterium as a fleet would consume for the flight to the neighboring position.
    • After a combat, the fleet is immediately available again.
    • Resources won't be saved.
  • Fleets can only escape completely. If not enough deuterium is available no ship escapes.
    • Death Stars, espionage probes, solar satellites and holding fleets can not escape.
  • The escape can be disabled (e.g. to receive moon shots)
  • Users of the admiral can have a better ratio for their fleet escape (3:1). However, this also ends at the upper limit of the newbie protection.
  • The attacker can give the command to his fleet to return without combat in case the fleet of the defender escapes.
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