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Added links to other pages :

  • Astrophysics
    • On the one hand that research impacts on the expeditions and on the other hand on the number of colonies. What exactly, you will find in the according chapter Expeditions and Colonisation.}}
  • Graviton Technology
    • Graviton technology enables you to build the deathstar, the mightiest ship in Ogame. To learn more about acheiving this technology see Graviton tactics

Content changes :

  • in US TLD, this line "| Planet C - Research laboratory level 8" has been modified to "| Planet C - Research laboratory level 11"

but now all example of each TLD are not the same


| If you start the research on planet C and have IRN lvl 1, this will take into account the lab on that planet first (Level 11) and the next highest lab available (in this case the lab at planet B - 12), so in total you will have a lab of lvl 23

need to be update

General information :


  • This part is new.
  • This part is deleted.
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