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Here comes a nice short introducing of OGame and OGame Wiki.

[edit] I'm looking for information

  • You are beginner and want to read about basic knowledge ?
You can start here Link to First Steps or choose a chapter in the left sidebar
  • You want to learn more about OGame ?
Choose "Advanced tutorials" in the sidebar
  • You are looking for information about details ? (eg. a ship )
Use Search or in the sidebar "OGame Wiki".
  • You are looking for overviews and other information ?
See "further information".
  • You want answers from other player or team member ?
Link to FAQ / Support

[edit] I have problems

  • You have trouble with the game ? (eg can't login )
Link to Bugs & Workarounds, Troubleshooting
  • You want personal help ?
Link to Bugs & Errors and Support
  • You have a complaint ?
Link to complaints

[edit] The OGame Wiki

  • You want to change the language of OGame Wiki ?
Use the DropDown box at the top and choose your community. The flagged languageselection in every site changes only the current site.
  • You need help about the Wiki ?
Link to wiki help
  • You want to help us ?
Link to Origin
  • The complete OGame Wiki Team
The complete Wiki Team

[edit] The OGame Wiki Team

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[edit] The National Wiki Team

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