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Even if you've read and understood the Tutorial, you might encounter further questions or problems about the game or community in the future. And so you should know where you can find some help and assistance so we'll try to cover this in our second last chapter of the Tutorial.

What should I do if I have some Questions or Problems?

Because of OGame's very active and cooperative Community you can get helpful answers and tips very quickly by posting your question in the Game Help-board area which has been created for our users' questions. Before you start a new topic with your question you should first use the board's search function. Almost every question imaginable will have already been answered at least once. Another possibility is to ask other players or to visit the IRC Support channel. For more information about how to use IRC have a look at the topic "Alliances". For specific questions about the game join the support channel where a supporter will try to help you. For general questions you can also use the public channel

What rules do I have to follow?

In OGame there's a global set of rules which are common for each community, however each has it's own set of Clarifications so it's important to check the rules for the particular community you play in. The main set of rules can be found at the bottom of your OGame page, and the community specific clarification can be seen by looking on the forums.

What happens if someone breaks the rules?

Ban notification
Ban notification

In order to maintain fairness and ensure game-play isn't disturbed there are a few rules that need to be followed. Ensure you read the rules at least once and then ask someone if you have any questions. If you break one of the rules you might get punished. Depending on the violation you will get a ban which is permanent or temporary and with or without vacation mode. Any kind of insult will result in a ban so remember to stay courteous when communicating with others ingame.

What can I do if I get banned?

List of suspensions for testuniverse
List of suspensions for testuniverse

If you get banned you should contact the responsible gameoperator. More information about the reason, the gameoperator who banned you, as well as the ban period can be found in the pillory. You may contact your gameoperator via the Ticketsystem or IRC. Please do not try to contact your GO via email, PM (board) or ingame message. When contacting your GO you should be careful with your language. In some cases it will be hard but being polite will go a long way to helping you get what you want ;). If you're not satisfied with the GO's decision you may contact the responsible SGO as well via ticketsystem or IRC.

How does the Ticketsystem work?

The ticket system
The ticket system

To open a new Ticket you have to go to After clicking the "Contact support" Button you have to choose the right section. To discuss board issues or board bans - Select Board. To discuss any ingame issues, bugs, bans or to notify your GO of something - Select Game. To contact support regarding the purchase of Dark Matter or for payment issues - Select Payment. For Game issues you will need to Select the Universe that your issue is with. To ensure that your ticket can be handled as fast as possible you should give all the necessary information and fill out all the details correctly. Take care that the email address is the same as on your ingame account. After submitting the ticket you will receive a confirmation email with a special key and checksum number. Your ticket should get a reply within 48hrs, when this happens you'll receive an email notification. To check your ticket click on "Ticket History" and fill in the form with the information you received in the first email. Click "Send reply" to answer the ticket, please do not open a new ticket for the same issue. If you're unhappy with the reply you've received and what to complain to the supporter's superior then click "complain" in the ticket and it will be escalated to the next level.

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