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Soon the OGame Tutorial gets completely new content. We have decided for a MediaWiki instead of a tutorial website. Through this, you can later find all Tutorial and Wiki Content on one page ingame with a click on.Help Here are some details about the Project OGame Wiki:


  • The Link can be found as usual in the game as “Help
  • Guests see the Wiki without the usual editing functions more as a website with the slogan “Who clicks on Help is looking for OGame Help - nothing more”
  • It is prepared for all OGame communities, in missing of translation, it will show an english based version. Because of it, the page is looking “complete“ from the start.
  • Initially only the Basic Tutorials are open for puplic, all other content shall be gradually released.

Preview wiki and presentation:


  • Thankfully the basic Tutorial provided by Alex DeLarge, the original can be found on OGameUniverse - Tutorial
  • The advanced tutorials and further informations will be collected and created on OGame Origin - FAQ Area
  • Current Wiki-detailed informations can be found later under "OGame Wiki" or of course by the search funtion, the categories are already created.

Fan Projects:

  • The OGame Wiki is not a substitute for fan projects and fan pages.
  • Under "fan projects" are presented in detail in addition to the descriptions of tools, addons and skins also well-managed projects and pages.
  • In the advanced tutorials and further informations to each will give a summary box, if there are other tutorials on this subject in that language. A summary is presented and linked to the fan project site.


  • After all the preparatory work begins now the real work. We are looking for dedicated staff and few Origin Team Members. On Origin Board, generally each registered user can join and participate. If you are interested to paticipate in any of the follwing, do not hesitate to contact me (via PM to Francolino or in IRC Channel #ogame.origin)
  • Create Content:
    • Collect, create and discuss in English on OGame Origin - FAQ Area. Of course you can promote your own works to provide.
  • Translate:
    • In particular, translations from German into English or French in high quality are important, since these two languages are template for all others.
    • And of course for translations in many other languages.
  • Create and Control the Wiki pages:
    • The full texts must have a beautifully structure into the Wiki, with pictures equipped and to be controlled.You can post errors and other in the OGame-Origin FAQ-Area.
  • Fan projects:
    • Who leads a Fan project and would be to mentioned later in the relevant Areas should stands up for ideas or contact me. As already mentioned, we initially start with only the Basic tutorial.

Last but not least a special thanks to Raicheron, PitA and Unimatrix_0 and all other helpers for their help in past and future.

Greetings, Francolino

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